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Empowering a Stronger You


At New Chances we want to help women and youth currently incarcerated build strength from within, to build their mind, body, and soul in order to overcome their current struggles and battles of being incarcerated. hen take the skills and tools and use them to be successful upon release back into our communities. Our wellness program Empowering a stronger you is based on the fundamental principle of support. The need for support while incarcerated is vital for success, support is needed from the outside in order to accomplish one's goals. 

New Chances provides books behind bars, writing materials, learning curriculum, fitness challenges, inspirational posters, photos and more. We follow the guidelines of what is  allowed by each facility, but will send women and juveniles what they need to keep their mind, body, and soul strong. Each person is different therefore we accept requests and offer a personal individualized approach.

At New Chances we also stay in contact from before, during, and after incarceration and assist with staying connected with family, friends, and children. Insuring that holidays, birthdays, and life's moments are not forgotten. New Chances also provides photos, photo postcards, cards, and inspiration to those incarcerated and their loved ones.

Looking Sharp for a Fresh Start


At New Chances our Looking Sharp for a Fresh Start program sponsors monthly clothing drives, collecting clothes and accessories for our clients to feel and look good inside and out for job interviews, career fairs, training and networking events.  We look to empower women and youth who have been affected by incarceration. At New Chances we are passionate about helping others achieve success. Looking Sharp for a fresh start provides the necessary clothing and accessories needed for that next job interview that could be a stepping stone to a new way of life and an end to the vicious cycle of incarceration.

New Chances collects donations of baby, children's and teen clothes as well (0 to 19) in order to provide support and assistance to children who have or had one or both parents in jail or prison. Children our the innocent victims and collateral damage of mass incarceration and at New Chances we want to insure that everyone of the 2.7 million children in America who are affected by incarceration are not forgotten and receive the love, support, and resources they deserve. 

No clothes or donations are resold. All clothes are given away at no cost to the clients we serve. 

BYOB - Be Your Own Boss


Entrepreneur Academy - Launching in 2020 our program will offer a 12 week boot camp to launch your own business. We will offer 3  different entrepreneur programs; focusing on women and youth who have been incarcerated or involved in the justice system. Our third program will focus on breaking the cycle and healing the wounds of incarceration by working with youth who have been affected by incarceration. Collaborating with our partners this more than just starting a business program but  restarting your life program.

Bounce Back Bags


Necessity bags for newly released women and youth. Providing the basic needs for successful re-entry. Changing lives from day one.

The Invisible Prison


1 in 50 children have a parent in prison, children suffer the collateral consequences of mass incarceration in our country. At New Chances we strive to help heal the wounds from the effects of incarceration and assist in keeping a bond between moms and their children while incarcerated. We provide a variety of events, programs, help, and resources throughout the year to  children who have a parent incarcerated. If you know a family or child needing help please email us at info@newchances,org 


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