"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity." —Albert Einstein



Changing lives, rebuilding futures and enhancing our communities.



At New Chances we are committed to transforming lives. Our organization strives to empower Women and Children to make a great comeback. We improve the lives of all those that have served time; and give them the opportunity for a better future for themselves and their families. 

We help those that society has turned their backs on, we believe in new chances and  fresh starts. Our mistakes do not define us; therefore we empower women and youth to bounce back and pave a path to a brighter and more successful future.  

The Best Apology is Changed Behavior

What We Do

New Chances provides personalized support and resources to women and youth in San Diego County to pursue educational and career goals after release from incarceration. Education and employment are crucial stepping stones to a crime free life and a brighter future. At New Chances we understand how challenging it can be to re-enter the community and we are here to help those achieve success.  

New Chances provides entrepreneurial opportunities giving women and youth the chance for a successful and prosperous future. We set-up women and children for job readiness, job placement and post-employment services. We assist with developing a career plan, life skills, writing an effective resume, job searches, interview preparation, time management, money matters,  mentors, personal and professional development, educational goals and entrepreneurial opportunities. 

We offer more than finding a job; we help find and build a career for long term permanent success. 


Why We Do It

It is a difficult transition back into the community after being incarcerated. The majority of all formerly incarcerated face a lifetime of punishment that continues long after prison. The sentence does not end after you serve your time; our society and communities do not allow the formerly incarcerated to have a new chance. Their criminal record brands them for life and bans them from employment. 

Employers have a negative view on ex offenders and more than 50% of employers will not hire anyone with a criminal record,  no matter what the circumstances are around the conviction or how long it has been sense the crime has occurred. Employment is crucial for the formerly incarcerated to support themselves and their families, employment is needed in order to successfully transition back into the community and break the cycle of incarceration.

New Chances is dedicated to educating employers, the public, and local communities on the truth about employing individuals with a criminal record. We want to erase the stigma behind those with a criminal record, and establish a positive and successful reentry into our communities,


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Changing Lives One Comeback at a Time! 

The Comeback is Always Stronger than the Setback.

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Values are who you are even when no one is watching!

Our Values


New Chances is dedicated to carrying out our mission and changing the lives of others. All our team members serve with passion and loyalty to empower change in our communities and the lives of those who have been rejected by our communities. New Chances lives by the following core values:


It takes courage to pursue transformational change. It takes courage to step up and stand up to help others before ourselves. It takes courage to challenge our communities to do better. It takes courage to admit and own our mistakes. It takes courage to get back up every time we fall. We are courageous in all we do.


We value working together because we achieve more together. As a team we inspire, support, promote and motivate each other to achieve success. We encourage and embrace teamwork and collaboration because together amazing things can be achieved.


Without commitment there are only hopes and promises but no plans. We are committed to changing lives. We are committed to making a positive change through the work we do. We are committed to always finish what we started and keep our word. 


Being generous is our business strategy. We are generous in kindness, encouragement and knowledge to all that we serve in our communities. We practice generosity not only in the giving of practical needs and resources but with love, support and friendship. We are generous in our gratitude to all our sponsors, volunteers, donors and supporters! We are generous in promoting our team members and volunteers. We praise and empower each other to be better and live a life of giving. 


We adhere to our word and promises. We are open, honest, ethical and fair. Integrity is not something you show others it's how you act when no one is looking. Our actions our based on our values rather than our personal gains.